19 Commandments of María Montessori for parents

Being patient, listening, not speaking ill in front of the children, are some of the commandments that María Montessori wrote for parents.

It is said that only four educators of the 20th century revolutionized the upbringing of children. They are the American John Dewey, the German Georg Kerschensteiner, the Italian Maria Montessori and the pedagogue of the then Soviet Union, Antón Makarénko.

María Montessori wrote short "reminder-commandments" for parents. They are simple, but if you think about it a little deeper, in each of them there is great wisdom in just a few words.

Bright Side recommends that moms and dads read them at least once a year (and put them into practice) so that the relationship with their children will most likely improve in quality and quantity, and they will grow up with a better developed personality and be individuals closest to life in harmony.

►Here are the nineteen commandments

  1. Children learn from what is around them.
  2. If you criticize a child a lot, he will learn to judge
  3. If you regularly praise the child, he will learn to value.
  4. If the child is shown hostility, he will learn to fight.
  5. If you are fair to the child, he will learn to be fair.
  6. If the child is ridiculed frequently, he will be a timid person.
  7. If the child grows up feeling secure, he will learn to trust others.
  8. If the child is put down frequently, an unhealthy feeling of guilt will develop in him.
  9. If the child's ideas are regularly accepted, he will learn to feel good about himself.
  10. By condescending to the child, he will learn to be patient.
  11. If the child is encouraged in what he does, he will gain self-confidence.
  12. If the child lives in a friendly atmosphere and feels needed, he will learn to find love in the world.
  13. Do not speak ill of your child, neither when he is around, nor when he is not.
  14. Concentrate on developing the good in the child in such a way that there is simply no room for the bad.
  15. Always listen to your child and respond when he approaches you with a question or comment.
  16. Respect your child even if he has made a mistake. Will correct it now or maybe a little later.
  17. He is willing to help if your child is looking for something, but he is also willing to go unnoticed if he has already found what he was looking for.
  18. Help the child to assimilate what he had not been able to assimilate before. Do that by filling the world around you with care, discretion, timely silence, and love.
  19. When you address your child, always do it in the best way. Give it the best that is in you.

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