Maternal. From 1 to 3 Years

It is an intermediate place between home and school where the child finds the right environment and materials for his comprehensive development.

It is a harmonious place where there is a balance between beauty, hygiene and order.

At Millaray Montessori your baby will begin to explore and develop their intelligence and concentration through exercises and materials that have a specific purpose.

By attending a Children's Community in its early years, the child begins to acquire routines and habits that help him feel more secure, confident and independent, the possibilities of sensory, social and psychological experiences to develop the child's potential naturally, safely and independently, it is a personal process where the child asks the adult: "Help me do it alone."

During the school year, parents have continuous interaction with their children at school and with the teachers through:

  • Delivery of progress reports
  • personal interviews
  • Observation, allowing you to see how your child is doing in the environment
  • Social events
  • School for parents


  • Flag ceremonies
  • Art
  • Physical education
  • Kitchen
  • Montessori work
  • English
  • Personal care


  • copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of vaccination record
  • 6 Child-size photographs
  • curp
  • Fill out registration form
  • Copy of parents' INE
  • Proof of address