Why does children's behavior change when Mom is present?

Why do children "get out of control" before the arrival of the mother if before "everything was fine"? Have you ever heard the phrase “every demand is a demand for love”?
The answer can be very simple, it's all based on the fact that they trust Mom more to express the stress accumulated during the day.

Even in adult life, we look for that special person who has all our confidence to be able to let off steam in difficult moments, this also happens to babies and children.

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Any baby or child will expect to manifest fear of any threat, stressful situation or discomfort to the figure of attachment and trust (in almost all cases it is the mother). And in the absence of it, they assume that it is better not to manifest too much.

Boys and girls will seek the source of unconditional love to release their emotions

The same process happens when, for example, a baby becomes uncontrollable with mom at night after a quiet day at daycare or with a caregiver. The little boy endured stressful situations without showing anything and only "succumbed" when she arrived.

This can generate a lot of stress for the mother, it is assumed to be a problem, especially when it is emphasized that everything was fine in her absence, crying or anger crises, in this type of situation in which we are away for a few hours or for a period of time, are tension discharges directed at the source of unconditional love: the mother.

Mothers are like a kind of container into which our children are emptied, and this is not "for not having authority" or because "with this respectful upbringing you spoiled him" but because with La Madre they feel safe.

Original Text: Celes Marino

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