Invite to the conference "Skills of the 21st century"

The way of teaching in schools and the focus of this teaching has led to the identification of skills that will be useful in the future, when current students are in the workplace. 

School for Parents: This Friday, May 18, at 8:00 a.m., the conference "Skills of the 21st century" will be held, given by the psychologist Lorena Rosas.

If we are not educating for the future, for change, we are not educating. Therefore, it is necessary to give our students tools so that they can function as global citizens.

This is an effort that must go beyond individual initiatives and is the responsibility of an entire community.

These 21st century skills that your children should have are, for example: creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, finances and many more that will help them develop in their future.

We are waiting for you at primary level facilities!

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