Project-based learning builds the thinking of our students

Simple machines, fossils and mirrors are the themes with which 6th grade students from the Millaray Montessori School developed and presented to the rest of their classmates.

During the learning process at Colegio Millaray Montessori, the project-based learning method is applied, which brings important benefits for the boys and girls, which we apply in the different groups according to the levels.

The benefits we seek through this method

Students develop their autonomy and responsibility, since they are in charge of their own learning.

To resolve a question raised, various tasks of great importance are worked on, such as planning, structuring the work and preparing the product.

millaray8 project


Potential of every boy and girl

The abilities of the different students are developed to make them more competent in these and to realize their own potential.

Boys and girls learn to think and work creatively and innovatively, developing skills such as teamwork, decision-making, information search, etc.

Children are made aware of their thoughts and their ability to imagine and generate ideas.

The result is the satisfaction and the knowledge that has been integrated in each one of them, achieving critical thinking through the experience.


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