"Children's mistakes are opportunities to learn"

"Children's mistakes are opportunities to learn and deserve to be celebrated, not punished"
Pilar Sanz Cervera, Early Childhood Education teacher, intends to go beyond teaching how to educate to give a method that is not found in manuals in her book "Adults awake, happy children!".

In this publication, Early Childhood Education teachers intend to go beyond teaching how to educate to come up with a method that cannot be found in manuals nor can it be studied at the University.

We met with her to tell us the ins and outs of this story about education, family and the relationship with our children.

QUESTION: What exactly does conscious education consist of?

RESPONSE: Conscious education, from my own experience and feeling, consists of waking up, realizing, experiencing those “aha” moments, also known as eureka moments.

This implies recognizing all those inherited patterns that we have learned through the education we have received.

Realizing it is already a very important and necessary step, a starting point, from which to be able to transform reality. However, it is important to avoid experiencing this realization as a reproach or punishment.

Q. How to transmute the WOUNDS of your own CHILDHOOD to be able to educate consciously?

R. In order to transmute the wounds of our own childhood, the first step is to listen to our own inner child, a child who may still be scared, hurt, or even so fearful that he doesn't let us move forward in our current life. .

Everyone, absolutely everyone, has suffered throughout our childhood, and that is why we all have a wounded child inside us, who needs our attention.

There are many techniques that can be used to transmute these wounds, but if I had to choose one, I would go for the power that working with forgiveness entails, without a doubt.

Q. How did you manage to get out of the plan that the system had and get back on track towards your true vocation?

R. I have been able to experience that the system has a plan for each one of us, a plan that we usually materialize when we are fast asleep and let ourselves be carried away by inertia, by what they will say, to do what we are supposed to do...

That was how I found myself immersed in a laboratory, studying a career that had nothing to do with me, a career that the system itself offered me after having obtained the highest grades in high school.

It was difficult, very difficult. The system had clouded my horizon, to the point of losing my own identity.

Being a teacher seemed to be socially disapproved, and it took me a lot of work to reconnect with myself to bet on what I really wanted.

It was at that moment when, in a self-taught way, I entered a deep process of personal self-discovery.

And I learned a lot of things that I hadn't been taught at school, but that nevertheless allowed me to understand the essence of what is truly important.

And they pushed me to do what the school should do: push each one to carry out our own dreams.

Q. Some parents seem to focus only on recriminating their children for the bad. How to allow children to shine with their own light, balancing the balance between the positive and negative things of the child?

R. It is impossible to shine with your own light when we focus all our attention on everything negative, everything that the child supposedly does not know and all those behaviors that adults consider undesirable.

That is the general paradigm that still prevails today, an outdated paradigm that has only given us endless limitations, fears, and various blocks.

►What to do?

If we really want our children to be who they have come to be, and that they can expand their light, in their own unique brilliance that characterizes each of us, it is essential to make a change of focus.

This is focusing our attention on everything positive, valuing all those aspects that the child is good at, what he enjoys, and celebrating his own successes.

Mistakes are wonderful learning opportunities that allow us to grow, and therefore also deserve to be celebrated.

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