The Millaray Montessori School of Puerto Vallarta believes in the nature of the human being, in its essence, in the universal dimension that all human beings of all times, of all languages, cultures, religions, and ideologies share.

From these bases we approach each person that integrates our community to provide them with the adequate conditions for their development. Well, it is the human tone, which permeates each of its activities, which at the end of the educational process, leaves a more significant mark.

Why educate our children with the Montessori Method?

Why the Millaray Montessori School of Puerto Vallarta?

We reinforce universal values at all times: respect, responsibility, loyalty, honesty and freedom.

The ideal that moves Millaray Montessori is to train children who are prepared, aware, independent and with the joy of living. Achieving a true community where communication, teamwork and respect for people take place. To achieve an integration between home and school that leads to comprehensive development and thus leave a mark on our society and in the world.

► Mission and Objectives

Form a cutting-edge educational community whose teaching and management staff are in constant training, and committed to a humanist philosophy that contributes to the transformation of society through attention to the intellectual and social needs of boys and girls who are enrolled in basic education. . Promote and strengthen in students the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills, attitudes and values that favor freedom, creativity, responsibility, love for themselves and the environment, in order to promote their integration into the family , to the school and to the community of which they are a part.

► Vision

The Montessori system favors the development of human beings with a real understanding of the meaning of work, the satisfaction it provides, and a love of learning that will last a lifetime. To live learning.