from 6 to 12 years old

Hours 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

In the Primary area, we offer comprehensive training where academic processes are balanced with the Montessori methodology, developing skills that allow them to discover and build their own knowledge through activities and experiences aimed at achieving meaningful learning.

We encourage our students to be responsible and autonomous individuals, with tools to know how to investigate, create and innovate. Committed to their family and the community, which is why we establish close communication channels between the school and parents to create happy children.

At the Millaray Montessori School in Puerto Vallarta, they work bilingually. In the area of English, the learning of this second language occurs naturally, following the acquisition processes of any language. That is, from oral to written and from comprehension to expression.

We are recognized by the SEP as a pioneer institution in Personalized Education, since our educational project promotes student training through:

  • Oral expression ability
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written expression ability
  • Reading habits
  • information search
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • knowledge of history
  • knowledge of geography
  • Personal values
  • social coexistence
  • free expression
  • group integration
  • Visits and excursions

Our study plans are means for the organization and teaching to raise the quality of education. We seek to enhance the capacities of each student, train individuals with a critical conscience, capable of fulfilling themselves as responsible and creative human beings, taking into account each one as unique and unrepeatable people with their own pace of work.

Millaray Montessori of Puerto Vallarta is a place that accompanies the child both in the curricular activity and in the formation of the human being, thus achieving learning for life.


  • copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of vaccination record
  • 6 Child-size photographs
  • curp
  • Letter of No Debt (Previous School)
  • Proof of previous cycle
  • Fill out registration form
  • Copy of INE of potatoes
  • Proof of address