The rise of the Millaray Montessori Soccer School

At the Millaray Montessori Soccer school, instead of the competition, what matters most is that students develop their individual potential and collective responsibility.

The Millaray Montessori Soccer School, What extracurricular activities that we offer at Millaray Montessori School, seeks to allow students to explore, enjoy and become passionate about their areas of interest, in this case sports, always promoting the philosophy and values of our methodology.

We can say that in all his exercises the child plays. But these games make him acquire skills, powers necessary for his training, his development. When we play sports or other games that we repeat with passion, the same thing happens: tennis, soccer and the like, are not exactly for the real purpose of moving a ball, but rather they challenge us to acquire a new skill, something that was lacking before, and this feeling of improving our skills is the real source of pleasure in the game. María Montessori, in The Absorbent Mind.

It is scientifically proven that through sport we can strengthen physical, psychological, social and academic development. With hundreds of millions of children and adults playing and enjoying the game today, Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Its universality attracts children allowing interest to speed up the learning process. And the Montessori methodology provides the best environment for the sports development of children.

Intercollegiate Tournaments

The Millaray Montessori Soccer School Its objective is to change the traditional paradigm of the development of sports for minors; focused on the coach and the result. Instead, we place the development of the child at the center, while incorporating Montessori teaching principles and practices. Soccer practice under the Montessori method favors physical development, strengthening values of teamwork and empathy; as well as perseverance and effort to achieve goals.

During tournaments students are not forced, under any circumstances, to reach a goal in number of goals or victories. On the contrary, they are encouraged to connect with their own taste for the game and teamwork.

The result, this year, on July 22, culminated the first participation of the team “Marlines” in the intercollegiate tournament that takes place in the LA VIA courts located in Ixtapa. with a lot of emotion we celebrate having reached the championship with the first and second year teams. While the third and fourth year teams were runners up and the fifth and sixth year teams made it to the semifinals.

Millaray Montessori Soccer School

Soccer classes are part of the Millaray Montessoril Soccer School as extracurricular workshop. Currently, it is carried out Monday to Thursday with a schedule from 2 to 3 in the afternoon. The club is divided into beginners and intermediate with separate groups (with classes Monday and Wednesday) and advanced (with classes Tuesday and Thursday). And on Fridays from 4 to 7 pm Inter-collegiate practice games are held.

The Professor Noé de Jesús Cibrián Valera He has a degree in Physical Education and Sports, professional children's technical director with training in Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Sports Therapy. He joined our team of teachers in 2021 and since then he has been in charge of training the "Marlins" Soccer Teams of the Millaray Montessori School in Puerto Vallarta.

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