Four ways not to treat your kids like they're stupid

Nothing is more negative for the child's development than this way of acting with them. It is a great annoyance to hear parents speak of their children as the most intelligent and at the same time to see that they speak to them as if they were younger than they are.

What a great disappointment it is to hear parents speak of their children as the smartest and most intelligent in the world and at the same time see how they talk to them as if they were fools.

Nothing is more negative for the development of the child than this way of acting with them, and unfortunately too common. Let's see how we can stimulate the little one so that every day he advances a little more in his learning and feels valued:

►Trust in your abilities

Your son is a unique person perfectly capable of learning what you explain to him. Surely in some things it will be easier than in others, but that only means that sometimes we have to have a little more patience.

It is amazing to see how the simple fact of trusting a person makes him achieve his goal sooner.

►Talk to him like an adult

Treat your child face to face. Talk to him like he's your equal, because he is. Communicate with him patiently, explain when necessary, and never underestimate his intelligence.

In this way you get him to feel older and therefore take responsibility for his actions and have confidence in himself.

Besides that talking to him like an adult will increase his vocabulary without realizing it. When we see a child who has a broad command of language, behind him is a father or a mother who speaks to him as an adult.

►Assess their achievements

It is not about making him believe that he is the best (which can be negative), but about making him aware of his progress and seeing the results of his effort and feeling recognized for them.

►Let them be wrong

As parents, we have to let our children decide, choose, make mistakes and start over realizing what they have to change in their behavior.

This is the only way to really learn. Let's avoid solving their problems, yes we can help them if they need it but always encouraging them to think for themselves.

If we follow these guidelines on a daily basis, we will be helping our children to mature in a healthy way from a young age, feeling safe and capable, and not stupid, which is undoubtedly a guarantee for them to know how to function in life.

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