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Pre-Registration for Secondary at Millaray Montessori

Welcome to Millaray High School! We are excited to announce that high school registration is officially open for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. At Millaray Montessori, we strive to offer quality education focused on the holistic development of each student. We look forward to welcoming new students!

nuevas tecnologías
parent education

The impact of new technologies in education

New technologies are revolutionizing education, providing advantages such as greater motivation, interaction, teamwork, creativity, and two-way communication.

Consejos para educar a la generación Z
parent education

Tips for educating generation Z

Generation Z presents unique characteristics due to its technological environment. Freedom, self-esteem, and common sense are important factors.



Language Learning Materials in Montessori Education

In this article we help you learn about the key materials and activities for language development in Montessori education. Let us remember that, in Montessori pedagogy, it is known for its individualized approach and its emphasis on hands-on and sensory learning. Therefore, the materials created for the Area


Invitation: Talk on language stimulation

The Millaray Montessori School cordially invites parents to the talk "Language: Detection and stimulation strategies" given by Lic. Angélica Moran. This talk is offered as part of the Schools for Parents program. The appointment is this Friday March 31 at 8 am

Áreas de la educación Montessori: Sensorial

Areas of Montessori education: Sensory Area

Learn about the benefits of developing the sensory area and how to work with children following the Montessori Method. In the Montessori method, education is divided into five areas of development: practical life, sensory, language arts, mathematics and culture. We will dedicate an exclusive post to talk about