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Invitation: Talk on language stimulation

The Millaray Montessori School cordially invites parents to the talk "Language: Detection and stimulation strategies" given by Lic. Angélica Moran. This talk is offered as part of the Schools for Parents program. The appointment is this Friday March 31 at 8 am

Areas of Montessori education: Sensory

Areas of Montessori education: Sensory Area

Learn about the benefits of developing the sensory area and how to work with children following the Montessori Method. In the Montessori method, education is divided into five areas of development: practical life, sensory, language arts, mathematics and culture. We will dedicate an exclusive post to talk about

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Help for Parents: Tips on Parenting with Montessori Principles

In this article we share some tips on how to raise Montessori principles, using them when making decisions at home.

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8 Principles of Montessori education

Learn about the principles of Montessori education, the pedagogical teachings that María Montessori left as a legacy for the development of creative and transforming human beings.


The rise of the Millaray Montessori Soccer School

At the Millaray Montessori Soccer school, instead of the competition, what matters most is that students develop their individual potential and collective responsibility.


5 ways in which Montessori Education supports sanitary measures

In these times of re-registration, in the midst of a global crisis like the one we have had to live through, many doubts come to mind when we think about resuming the routines so necessary for the healthy development of children.


Video: "Traditional system vs. Education with emotions"

It is no longer about the prison system, the lines, the order, laughing at the bully, teaching them to judge before teaching them to appreciate. No. It is about the future, education with emotions, self-knowledge, self-love.


3 tips to make the most of time at home

Beyond activities, crafts and resource. Let's take advantage of this exceptional circumstance as parents to leave a positive mark on our children.