Chess classes for children: A fun way to nurture development

In the chess classes for children, the students of the Millaray Montessori School have fun while they obtain multidisciplinary learning with knowledge of Logic and English.

Chess classes for children are part of the extracurricular activities that we offer at Millaray Montessori School. They allow students to explore and deepen, depending on their interests, other areas of knowledge that nurture their development and complement their training in a fun way.

It is well known that chess is a sport-science and its practice is a good mental exerciser. Among other benefits, it improves logical-mathematical thinking, concentration, memory, and trains spatial intelligence. In children it is beneficial not only for the future, but also It helps to improve current school performance.

The chess classes for children, at the Millaray Montessori School, have a unique contribution. As are taught using a multidisciplinary methodology which combines applied linguistics, modal logic and the game of chess.

In "The Chessmate Club" (or The Logic Chess Club) Professor Pablo Ignacio Hernández González, teaches children English through chess, knowledge of the pieces, movements, positions and strategies.

The Chess with Logic Club in Millaray

Thanks to the study and passion for the philosophy of Professor Pablo, the idea of use chess as a tool to introduce the learning of propositional logic, creating exercises and didactic materials. The result was wonderful! The students have not only demonstrated their potential for understanding complex logical processes, but also do so with ease and enthusiasm.

There are logical processes that chess players do to make their moves and that can be translated into expressions of modal logic. Taking care of the fine limit between the teaching of logic and the practice of chess, it is possible to obtain fruitful work. In the club the scientific side is explored from logic and also the artistic creative side that makes the boys get excited in practice, stories are told, different games and dynamics are played (you can check some on his blog) that They make the activity unfold with laughter and a lot of creativity.

In the workshop we see the game of chess as a dialogue, a silent conversation where body language and the movements of the pieces are the words. Conversations are like a place of epistemic gain, if we see them that way, a chess player's dialogue is not a discussion, it is an exchange of ideas. Chess consists of creating a logical challenge for the opponent, for the dialogue, which responds with another logical challenge, forming a dialectic that tries to discover the hidden thought of the other "

Professor Pablo Ignacio Hernández González

Tournaments and competitions

The Logic Chess Club participates every year in institutional competitions, and regional and state tournaments. In 2022, of the 16 positions assigned for the Puerto Vallarta regional competitions, 7 places were occupied by students from the Millaray Montessori School, who obtained 2nd and 3rd place in each category.

"The Chessmate Club" of the Millaray Montessori School

Chess classes for children are part of the extracurricular workshop "The Chessmate Club" of the Millaray Montessori School. Currently it is carried outMonday to Thursday with a schedule from 2 to 3 in the afternoon. The club is divided into Beginners (Tuesday and Thursday) and Advanced (Monday and Wednesday). In addition, the classes can be extended and customized according to the interest and performance of the students.

The Professor Pablo Ignacio Hernández González He has a degree in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Nayarit. He joined our team of teachers in 2011 and since then he has been the English teacher of all levels of the School. Within his English classes, he is in charge of small Music, Logic and Science projects. And the Chess Club with the organization of its tournaments in November and March-April.

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